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Reviving the Indian way of Education

Our Inspiration

What is Vidya?

Reviving the Indian way of Education

Our Inspiration

What is Vidya?


Extinguishing the blaze of the money market

the imbalance

From the frantic delirium back to the halcyon days

Clarifying the Goal

Resuscitating Spirituality


A unique bottom up approach

Introducing Educare

Pinning down the crux of education

A shift from Alterity to Unity

A Vociferous call to Redefine Education

What is Human Excellence?


Sai Aneesha

“It is my good fortune that I am receiving values-based education along with high quality academic education completely free-of-cost. Baba always reminds us that the purpose of education is to serve the society, and we as students of this unique system of integral education should be able to pass on the values and spread the light to many others across the country. This is how we can express our gratitude to this great Institution which is taking care of us and moulding us”.

Pichika Sai Aneesha

Student, B.Sc (Third year)


“Baba has said that this University will make Gods out of men and women. Enthusiasm, courage, fearlessness, intelligence, strength and valour are the six qualities I am trying to imbibe every single day. Whatever we learn must be made relevant to society, and service to society and the nation must dominate our thought, word and action. After all, having received free education, isn’t it my duty, and the duty of all my brothers and sisters from this Institution to give back what we have received?”

Shivprasad Bhat

University Intern, working at the school, Sri Sathya Sai Sarvaniketanam at Shivamoga district, Karnataka