01 June 2023

Sadguru arrived at the campus around 10:45 a.m. in the morning. He was welcomed by a Vedic procession and the Poorna Kumbham. Sadguru then lit a lamp near the Saraswati statue.

The session commenced with a Vedic invocation by the Vedic studies students, who chanted the Sri-Suktham. Following the Vedic recitation, the students of the Bachelor of Performing Arts program performed a Bharatanatyam dance called Pushpanjali, set to the ragam chakravaka and adi talam.

Next, the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Srikanta Murthy, addressed the students and congratulated them on the beginning of the new academic year. He advised the students to prioritize both academic and spiritual excellence. Emphasizing the importance of value-based education, he highlighted the role of parents in this mission.

After the speech, the music group presented a bouquet of songs in various languages, including kritis, songs, and abhangs.

Two student speakers shared their transformative journeys as part of this institution. The first speaker, Sister Annapoorneshwari, shared how she convinced her parents to allow her to continue her education and how unwavering faith and prayers to the Lord have never failed her. The second speaker, Sister Vithya Mari, shared her journey as an intern at the Madurai campus and how the students there helped her in her spiritual journey.

Following the student speeches, our revered Chancellor, Sri BN Narsimha Murthy, addressed the students. In his speech, the chancellor congratulated the students and reminded them that the inherent Brahman within each of them manifests itself through music, dance, and conversations. He also wished all the students the best for the upcoming academic year and encouraged them to discover their innate divinity.

Next, we had Sadguru's divine discourse. In his message, Sadguru emphasized the importance of educating girls from rural areas and how these girl students value anything that is given to them. He also encouraged the students to uplift girls from rural backgrounds. Sadguru insisted that every student should stand up for what they believe in and be fearless. He concluded by saying that it is time to elevate our efforts and strive for excellence in our respective fields. Swami said that we don't have to resemble or imitate someone else to prove our inner strengths; we simply need to be true to ourselves.

After the discourse, Swami had lunch with all the guests and faculty members of the university and then departed from the campus.




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