10th April 2024, Houston, Texas

In a captivating fireside chat at the Eternal Gandhi Museum in Houston, global humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Madhusudan Sai shared the inspiring story behind his global humanitarian mission focused on providing free education, healthcare, and nutrition to those in need.

The mission’s aims resonate with Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of uplifting the poorest and most marginalised, embodying the concept of vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the idea that the whole world is one family.

“To think that these people are not ours, and they are ours is the way of the narrow-minded ones,” Sri Madhusudan Sai explained during a recent fireside chat. “For the broad-minded ones, the whole world is one family, that is vasudhaiva kutumbakam, and from there comes this motto One World, One family.”

This guiding principle has sparked multifaceted initiatives focused on providing free, world-class education, healthcare, and nutrition to underserved communities across India and the world. A significant endeavour is the Sri Madhusudan Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, a medical college that has attracted an incredible pool of talent.

“When we actually thought of this thing, many people came and discouraged us, saying that even if you can build buildings with whatever donations, you may not find the qualified people for the institution because you are a rural institution,” Sri Madhusudan Sai recounted.

But the team’s unwavering commitment proved the naysayers wrong. By tapping into the deep well of altruism and service-mindedness among medical professionals, they were able to assemble a highly motivated faculty dedicated to transforming healthcare in rural India.

“They said when they graduated as medical doctors, they had this inspiration in them to do something for the society,” Sri Madhusudan Sai shared. “But with the passage of time and the demands of life and family and other pressures, somehow this idea or that inspiration, sort of took a back seat and other pressing needs, they took the front seat. And this opportunity came their way and they read about it, they researched it, that got rekindled for most of them.”

Empowering Rural Women Through Education

Ensuring access to quality education has been another cornerstone of the mission, with a particular focus on empowering girls and women. In a country where only 1% of rural girls go on to higher education, Sri Madhusudan Sai’s institutions are shattering glass ceilings.

“We wanted to ensure that girl children are given priority and their parents are in some way incentivised and motivated to admit these girl children,” he explained. “We are working to change that by removing financial barriers and providing the support these families need to keep their daughters in school.”

Free tuition, monthly stipends, and a nurturing environment have all contributed to an impressive statistic – 66% of the graduate students in the mission’s educational programs are young women, many of them first-generation learners from impoverished backgrounds.

“Now they have inspired the other girl children in their villages. So the other girl children tell their parents, ‘You see that sister has become like this. I also want to go,'” Sri Madhusudan Sai shared proudly.

Sustaining the Dream Through Faith and Determination

As the mission continues to grow, Sri Madhusudan Sai remains resolute in his vision to provide universal access to healthcare and education. When asked about the financial sustainability of the free medical college, he emphasised the power of faith and the generosity of the human spirit.

“My whole idea is that there are good people in the world and as time passes, more and more people will come to know about it. They will be inspired. They will join us,” he said. “Our intentions are pure, our idea is right and we have no selfishness in it. So I think it is the right thing to do and I believe that anything that is right will find success.”

The mission’s holistic approach also includes a strong emphasis on preventive healthcare and nutrition. Through initiatives like primary health centres, nutrition supplementation programmes, and education on hygiene and sanitation, the organisation is working to tackle the root causes of disease and malnutrition.

As the mission continues to grow, Sri Madhusudan Sai expressed his vision to expand its impact globally. “Till the last child gets access to free healthcare, I’m not going to stop,” he declared. “This is a mission that will continue beyond my lifetime.”

The organisation is already scaling its work to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, and parts of Africa, exploring models of local production and distribution to make its nutrition interventions more accessible worldwide.

Through its multifaceted approach to development, the Sri Madhusudan Sai Global Humanitarian Mission is breathing new life into Mahatma Gandhi’s timeless principles of compassion, service, and the inherent dignity of all people. As it scales across India and the world, this movement holds the promise of a more just, equitable, and interconnected global family.



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