04 July 2023

A Good Leader is also a good servant, who needs to combine effectively the triad of the Brain that orchestrates, the Heart that invests compassion and the Hands that wield competence. And in addition, the singular quality that makes a good leader is the quality of Selfless Love, exhibited through the unity of thought, word, and deed. The need of the hour is transformational leadership, and not just transactional. This Leadership Conclave on the theme, ‘Nurturing a Values-based Leadership Approach’ discussed the four topics – To Be, To Do, To See, To Tell across four sessions. These sessions examined different aspects of creating and institutionalising a values-based leadership behaviour in different areas of human endeavour. Leaders from several walks of human activity – Education, Business, Government, Society, Religion, shared their rich experience and ideated on the process of creating, developing and nurturing a model for values-based leadership.

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