The workshop consisted of various sessions and activities aimed at enhancing personal and professional skills of the participants.

Day 1: The workshop started with a yoga session conducted by Ms. Vidya Aravind Padhya, followed by team-building activities and skill development session by Ms. Kalpana Heblekar.

Day 2: The activities included sessions on Para Vidya, team-building, and another skill development session by Ms. Kalpana Heblekar.

Day 3: Skill development session by Ms. Kalpana Heblekar continued, focusing on creative activities using waste materials.

Day 4: The sessions included brain teasers and math puzzles, a debate, and a session on kitchen management.

Day 5: Sessions on Para Vidya, a quiz, and practical experience in kitchen management were conducted.

Day 6: The sessions included a yoga session, an SDC class on monetary policies, and a session on guest management.

Day 7: The sessions covered communicative skills, SDC class on plastic money, and a tailoring session.

Day 8: Brain teasers, an SDC class on blood groups, and a session on computers were conducted.

Day 9: The sessions included guest management, experiences with the divine, and a communication class.

Day 10: The sessions focused on experiences of the divine journey, computers, and group presentations summarizing the workshops.

Day 11: The participants went on an outing to the Isha Foundation and Kanive Basava Temple.

Overall, the workshop covered a wide range of topics and activities, including yoga, team-building, skill development, debates, kitchen management, communication skills, SDC classes on various topics, and cultural outings. The participants gained knowledge, developed their skills, and had memorable experiences throughout the workshop.

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