Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence is a modern day Gurukula which endeavours to impart values based integral education which enhances worldly knowledge and fosters a spirit of self-inquiry, self-reliance and self-sacrifice with strong emphasis on spiritual education in an environment of self-discipline. This is achieved through teachers, students and workers who are trained, dedicated and committed to serve their fellow beings to furthering the cause of values based education, without the barriers of caste, creed, race, religion, gender or geography, to those in need.

SSSUHE adheres to the 3H model of education which envisages developing the power of 'Head', 'Heart' and 'Hands' in every individual to their full potential. This 3H model of "Head, Heart and Hands" can be depicted metaphorically, as a tree - where the trunk rises from the roots, the branches spread out with leaves, flowers blossom and fruits develop. A fully blossomed child develops into an integrated personality and will have a brilliant head, a loving and compassionate heart and competent hands, including as an essential part, a healthy and strong physique.

The 3H Formula – For the Head, Heart, and Hands

• Distilled essence of all the great philosophies of education handed over to mankind by luminaries

• Adaptable across geographies, cultures, and communities

• Bestows complete success – a combination of external achievement and internal joy

• Improves human societies and brings peace and security to the world

Brilliant Head which illumines the faculty of reason to choose the right and the

perspicacity to digest the knowledge gathered from all the varied fields of study.

Compassionate Heart which blossoms in the spirit of ‘Love for All’, by the recognition

of ‘Unity’ of all mankind.

Competent Hands which serves the needy with strength and skill.

It is therefore imperative that education should provide a balanced combination of an academic programme, skill development, physical education, spiritual, cultural, service and other extra-curricular activities so that sufficient opportunities are provided for the holistic development of a student's personality. This cannot be achieved without a dedicated team of noble and competent teachers which is the key to the success of this model. Residential Education (Gurukula) is highly conducive to the effective implementation of this model, nevertheless, connecting students with the society (communities) and the natural environment is also essential for integral values-based transformative education.

The Academic philosophy of University for Excellence emphasises the holistic education for the body, mind and soul of a human personality moulding individuals with exceptional intellect, compassionate hearts and competent hands. We also strongly consider that any Values based education becomes effective only when there is a serious effort to transform the parent along with the child. Thus the four pillars supporting the path to achieve Human Excellence are Academics, Spirituality, Self-Development and Parental Concern.

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