The University follows the Gurukula model and aims to provide integral education rooted in values. The program began with a heartfelt welcome address by Brother Bhargav Sai, the Student Coordinator, who emphasized the significance of the opportunity for the new students to be a part of the university.

During the program, various sessions were conducted by final year students to familiarize the newcomers with different aspects of university life. Sai Tribhuvan and Madhusudan discussed the importance of sports and cultural activities in fostering holistic development and unity among students. Sai Vaibhav and Sathyajith shed light on financial management and responsible resource utilization within the university.

Shashank, Kiran, and Alok shared information about IT opportunities, such as poster making and video editing, available at the university. Sai Tarun and Harshit highlighted the vibrant festivities and extracurricular activities, including festival celebrations and the Monday Activity platform for skill development and leadership.

Mukhul discussed the essence of Para Vidya, focusing on Vedas, Upanishads, and Adhyatmik Sangeet, which provide profound spiritual and philosophical understanding. Sri Yogesh Baba, the Academic Coordinator, discussed the growth and academic opportunities at the university, including the comprehensive curriculum and advanced teaching methodologies.

Dr. Ambarai, the Central Librarian, informed students about the resources and guidelines of the university library. Praveen and Saikumar, students themselves, shared insights into Swami's mission and the importance of gratitude and selfless service within the university community.

The orientation program provided valuable insights into various aspects of university life and Swami's mission. The report concludes with a batch photograph, symbolizing the shared journey and exciting chapter ahead for the students at Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence.

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