The Ramakrishna Matt in Bengaluru organized a Two-day conference to celebrate the 125th anniversary of its foundation, which was attended by students from Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence. The objective of the conference was to know the work of Ramakrishna Matt and Mission in the world and how it is helping people to transform themselves and contribute towards the betterment of society.


On the first day, the conference started with a Vedic invocation by the monks of Ramakrishna Matt. There were several speakers who talked about various topics. Sri Nikileshwaranand Swamiji, President of the Matt, spoke about the Vision and Mission of the Matt and the history of these institutions, inspiring the audience to think of the rich Indian culture and how to retrieve the lost treasure of Upanishads to the current generation. Sri Param Krishna Maharaj spoke about the digital platform (  growth of Ramkrishna Math and ‘We Mind You’ App ( that will track the progress of youth in spiritual and mental health, which was selected and awarded by the United Nations Organization for its unique creativity.


Divyanandaprana Mathajii, head of Delhi's Ramkrishna Math, spoke about how Ramkrishna Mission is doing well in international forums and the importance of spirituality, which can help balance life in both secular and spiritual aspects. Ms Usha Vastare, heading Sri Ramakrishna Mission's mental health services, talked about the Bhagwat Gita and the principles of life. After the panel discussion, new ideas emerged on how to increase the sense of consciousness in people.


On the second day, various people who were impacted by the Ramakrishna Mission, including devotees, followers, and well-wishers, spoke about how it has impacted their lives. There was also a panel discussion, in which different luminaries from different walks of life shared their views and interacted with the audience. The conference concluded with a felicitation of the guest and panel members of the day and the melodies bhajans from the monks of the Matt.


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