The Sri Sathya Sai Bharat Sanskriti Samman is a prestigious recognition that celebrates the excellence and dedication of Vedic enthusiasts. It is an honor bestowed upon individuals who have shown exceptional expertise and passion in the field of Veda, the ancient sacred texts of India.

This esteemed award not only acknowledges the profound knowledge of the recipients but also their tireless efforts in preserving, propagating, and living the principles and values embedded within the Vedic traditions. The Samman serves as a platform to showcase the profound impact Vedic wisdom has on the spiritual, cultural, and social fabric of society.

It recognises the invaluable contributions of individuals who have devoted themselves to the study, practice, and dissemination of Vedic knowledge, thereby ensuring its continuity for future generations.

The Sri Sathya Sai Bharat Sanskriti Samman stands as a testament to the power and relevance of the Vedic tradition in the modern world, and it serves as an inspiration for all Vedic enthusiasts to continue their noble pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment.

Calling all Vedic enthusiasts!

  1. Student – Excellence in Veda

    Showcase your expertise in Veda and stand a chance to be honored for your excellence!

  2. Teacher – The Ideal Vedic Teacher

    a. Vedic Scholar:

    b. Vedantic Scholar:

    Recognizing the extraordinary efforts of Vedic teachers!

  3. School – The best Vedic School or Pathashala

    Celebrating institutions dedicated to preserving and propagating Vedic wisdom!

Submit your applications on or before 18 June 2023.

For more information kindly contact:
  • Prof. Sadashiv Kumar Dwivedi

Department of Sanskrit and Coordinater, Bharat Adhyayan Kendra

Faculty of Arts

Banaras Hindu University

Varanasi - 221005

Mobile - 9454860068

  • Dr. Naveen Bhat

HOD - Department of Sanskrit & Vedic Studies

Sri Sathya Sai University For Human Excellence

Kalaburgi, Karnataka - 585313

Mobile - 9449382069

Download the PDF Brochure:

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