Topic: “Connecting with Mother Earth through the way we live”

Resource Person:Seetha Ananthasivan, Founder and Executive Trustee, KNA Foundation for Education, Bangalore

Her work is deeply rooted in her fascination with understanding and applying Nature's principles to foster harmony with the environment. She has applied these principles to various domains including school curriculum design, group and community processes, as well as management and culture building.

Having graduated from IIM Ahmedabad, Seetha initially worked with the World Wildlife Fund-India and later spent 14 years in a plantation company in Kerala's Idukki district. Following this, she established a public charitable trust and the Prakriya Green Wisdom School in Bangalore, which has now completed 25 years and has been recognized by the Government of India as one of 37 innovative schools in the country.

Additionally, Seetha is the visionary behind the Bhoomi Network, Bhoomi College, and the Sankalan Centre for Inner and Outer Ecology, all of which offer fellowships and programs focused on holistic education and sustainable living.

She is also a co-author of the book "Education in Tune with Nature - On Schooling and the Future of our Children," which delves into aligning education with natural principles for the benefit of future generations.

Date and Time: 21 March 2024 and 1:30 PM

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