Department of Emergency Medicine:

The hospital is equipped with a comprehensive emergency service that offers round-the-clock services and is supported by all clinical specialists and super-specialists, laboratory, radiology, diagnostics and blood bank.

Department of Intensive Care Services:

The Department of Intensive Care serves patients with serious/life-threatening health conditions. The 40-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which includes medical, surgical, obstetric, pediatric, neonatal, cardiac and isolation ICU beds is managed by a team of well-qualified medical and nursing staff to cater to all the critical care requirements of patients. 

Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine:

There are 6 well-equipped modern Operating Theatres (OTs) manned by qualified anaesthesiologists and OT technicians catering to the needs of all basic and super-speciality surgical treatment. All theatres are equipped with real-time video conferencing for training. 

Department of Transfusion Medicine:

The Department of Transfusion Medicine is committed to providing safe and high-quality blood and blood products for catering to the blood requirements of patients. The round-the-clock fully functional blood bank is fully equipped with component separation and storage. (Platelets, RBCs, Fresh frozen plasma and Cryoprecipitate). A state-of-the-art apheresis unit is also a part of the blood bank.

Department of Radiology:

The Department of Radiology focuses on identifying a wide range of medical issues. Currently, we are equipped with radio diagnostic equipment like X-Ray machines, ultrasonography and CT scan. We will shortly be adding the MRI to the existing infrastructure.

Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT):

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is a comprehensive centre dedicated to diagnosing and treat not only common conditions but also providing expertise in balance disorders, obstructive sleep apnoea and swallowing disorders. The Outpatient Department is equipped with a sound-proof Audiology department and a Voice & Speech Therapy centre where care is provided by a trained therapist.
The faculty has qualified from Institutions of repute and are capable of handling common and advanced surgical problems including minimally invasive procedures.

Department of Ophthalmology:

‘To be able to see good is the gift of nature.’ Our Ophthalmology department, which deals with one of the most delicate structures, that is the eye, is equipped with both sophisticated and intricate infrastructure. Moreover, housing a state-of-the-art operation theatre, and teaching class, supported by the excellent vision of our ophthalmologists to operate the most complicated retinal surgeries and corneal transplants is a gift to both community and students.


The Department of Anatomy:

Anatomy is the scientific study of the structure of the human body. The Department of anatomy is fully equipped to implement high-quality education to nurture highly competent doctors. It also has a ‘state-of-the-art-museum’ displaying specimens and charts with extremely good surface detailing related to gross anatomy, histology and embryology which is used for medical education. The spacious well-illuminated and well-ventilated dissection hall offers a place for students to refine their skills of dissection. The histology lab is equipped with the latest microscopes and high-resolution audio-visual aids.

The Department of Physiology: 

The Department of Physiology aims at delivering a novel competency-based medical curriculum to students in a simple yet comprehensive way.
The Department of Physiology has a well-equipped research lab. While the student learns well-designed haematological, human and clinical experiments in the respective labs equipped with the latest equipment and well-trained teachers, they are also exposed to animations and videos for a deeper understanding of core concepts of nerve, muscle and cardiac physiology in the mammalian and amphibian laboratories.
The Department also houses a well-designed museum which acts as an additional incentive for students. 

The Department of Biochemistry:

Being an integral part of the preclinical subjects, our Biochemistry department is equipped with state-of-the-art testing infrastructure to cater to the needs of the patients. A magnificent laboratory for students to learn coupled with modern diagnostics to the patients is indeed a boon to both students and patients respectively.


Diagnosis forms the basis for treatmentThe hospital is supported with round the clock, a well-equipped central laboratory that is equipped with clinical pathology, haematology, histopathology, bacteriology, virology, serology, immunology and molecular biology. Central laboratory also caters to each of these subdivisions by providing advanced diagnostic services free of cost. 

Department Of Pathology:

Department of Pathology forms the excellent backbone having been equipped with a wonderful state-of-the-art laboratory, and blood bank – providing 24x7 blood supply to the necessary patients and an excellent team of Pathologists, who are both excellent teachers and doctors diagnosing patients immaculately.

Department Of Pharmacology:

Curing the ILL with the right PILLPharmacology forms the basis of the study of drugs, their administration and their mechanism of action in curing disease. Having talented and experienced faculty in Pharmacology, who are working towards research in the field of drugs and teaching young minds, is a boon to any institution. We are proud to share these experienced Pharmacologists in combination with state-of-the-art pharmacology labs, museums and tutorial rooms.

Department Of Microbiology:

Humans are an assembly of organisms
Study and diagnosis of different organisms, commensals -good organisms and pathogens- harmful organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are crucial in the robust diagnosis of the patient. Having an in-house, state-of-the-art microbiology lab with robust, dedicated microbiologists is a synergistic advantage for our hospital.

Department of Community Medicine:

Trained to be primary care physicians and researchers with the necessary clinical skills, and knowledge of epidemiological and management principles, faculty have the ability to apply this knowledge for the betterment of the community. They help in bringing about policy reforms and are at the forefront in times of disasters and pandemics.  Over the years it has found a prominent place in the strengthening of the health system, policies and programs in India.
Primary healthcare to the rural population is provided through a network of health centres that also functions as places where the community gathers information about better health. Screening for communicable and non-communicable diseases forms an integral component besides elderly, women and child health. Services offered at these centres are as listed below:

  1. General OPD services

  2. Antenatal & Postnatal Care

  3. Under 5 clinics

  4. Refractive error screening

  5. Dental clinics

  6. Cancer Screening

  7. Adolescent clinics 

Apart from healthcare, regular health education camps are organised in the respective field practice areas to increase awareness among the people regarding various aspects of health promotion and disease prevention.

Community Health Workers (CHW) Training Programme:

Training for students on non-communicable disease/ basic reproductive and child health and first aid.

Department of Forensic Medicine:

The Department of forensic medicine and toxicology was created to provide dedicated service for the medicolegal needs of the community. Moreover, the Department of forensic medicine also plays a vital role in other areas of medical jurisprudence, such as the medical examination of sexual assault survivors, emergency medicine and clinical forensic medicine. These services provide medicolegal guidance to clinical professionals in their day-to-day treatment scenarios.
It has a full-time operational staff library, a large student laboratory, spacious demo room with LCD projectors which can comfortably accommodate more than 70 students at a time.
The faculty are involved in training the undergraduate and postgraduate students along with the medicolegal responsibilities. The department uses innovative learning methods like self-learning modules, integrated teaching and interactive sessions.
The one of its kind clinical forensic medicine unit functioning in the department offers medicolegal services at the casualty, by addressing the medicolegal formalities associated with Emergency medicine.
The department has modern amenities with well-planned and furnished faculty rooms and offices. It is equipped with a high-speed internet facility in all the rooms with associated audio-visual aid. The department is equipped with a research lab, and an outstandingly organised museum, with facilities to undertake round-the-clock medicolegal services.


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Ramaiah
2 Associate Professor Dr Uma SV
3 Associate Professor Dr Yogesh
4 Assistant Professor Mr Rajeshwar Rao
5 Tutor Dr Megha
6 Tutor Dr Chethan Chandrashekar
7 Tutor Mr Amlesh Kumar Yadav
8 Tutor Ms Monisha Bansal


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Bharathi Subramaniam
2 Professor Dr Sendil Kumaran
3 Associate Professor Dr G Sai Sailesh Kumar
4 Assistant Professor Dr Gopi Kumar
5 Tutor Dr Vinutha AP
6 Tutor Mr Paulson Jose
7 Tutor Dr Aishwarya Kajagar
8 Tutor Mr Edagottu Annaiah


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Ashakiran S
2 Professor Dr Venkateshappa C
3 Assistant Professor Dr Rashni B J
4 Assistant Professor Dr Ranjini H S
5 Tutor Dr Lakshmi Manasa Vinnakota
6 Tutor Dr Thejas G
7 Tutor Ms Pooja S

S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Associare Professor Dr Vani J
2 Tutor Dr Sruthi


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Ramkumar
2 Professor Dr Raghupathi A R
3 Assistant Professor Dr Spoorthy Rekha
4 Tutor Dr Manjunatha T M

S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Srikanth N S
2 Tutor Dr Bhavya


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Raghavendra
2 Tutor Dr Srishti Varma


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Assistant Professor Dr Phaneendra M S
2 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Nandish Kumar


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Shuba Srinivasan
2 Associate Professor Dr J Sharanappa
3 Assistant Professor Dr Hiramalini Seshadri
4 Assistant Professor Dr Harish T J
5 Assistant Professor Dr Naveen Kumar RA
6 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Rajdip Barai
7 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Gnaneshwari
8 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Darshan M

S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Harsha PJ
2 Associate Professor Dr Saritha Purushothaman
3 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Joy Christ


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Associate Professor Dr Jagmohan S V
2 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Aravind Ram


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Associate Professor Dr Manoj S
2 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Divya Seshadri


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Varsha Karanth


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Sidramappa Shivanna Shimikore
2 Professor Dr Sapna Purushotham
3 Professor Dr Ravishanker
4 Assistant Professor Dr Sriharsha B
5 Assistant Professor Dr Bharath R Konan
6 Assistant Professor Dr Suhas B S
7 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Aravinda Satyaseelan
8 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Kunal H S
9 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Arun Kumar
10 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Prashanth Murthy


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Associare Professor Dr Ajith
2 Assistant Professor Dr Sandeep Patil
3 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Anvith Shetty


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Assistant Professor Dr Kul Bhushan Bali
2 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Deepthi Das


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Assistant Professor Dr Chethan Murthy
2 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Ranjitha K C


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Padmasri
2 Professor Dr Veena
3 Assistant Professor Dr Priyanka Holla
4 Assistant Professor Dr Neha B S
5 Assistant Professor Dr Namitha Bali
6 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Keerthi A V
7 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Megha G


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr Vasudeva Upadhyaya
2 Associate Professor Dr Jyotsna Singh
3 Assistant Professor Dr Niraj Gopinath
4 Assistant Professor Dr Nikhil
5 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Keerthana K


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr A N V Prasad
2 Assistant Professor Dr Puneeth Kumar
3 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Jithendra
4 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Lakshmi Chandraja Ravi
5 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Aiswarya Durgad


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Assistant Professor Dr (Maj) Dileep Kumar Pandit


S No Designation Faculty Name
1 Professor Dr (Col) Gurudutt Shenoy
2 Assistant Professor Dr Prateek Patil
3 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Yashwanth Sagar
4 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Mahesh Sagar
5 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Sarath
6 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Nalagasula Vamsi Krishna
7 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Abhishek K M
8 Senior Resident Doctor Dr Anil Kumar


Guided by the norms of the National Medical Commission (NMC), the apex steering body for medical education in India, the Medical College shall comprise of one academic block and two teaching hospitals, which shall provide quality medical care to All, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and financial status, all Totally Free of Cost.

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