Hosted by JSS Science & Technology, Mysuru, under the aegis of Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi, from February 22nd to 26th, 2024


The 37th Inter University South-East Zone Youth Festival, popularly known as Yuva Bimba, took place from February 22nd to 26th, 2024, at JSS Science & Technology, Mysuru. Under the esteemed Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi, the event was inaugurated by the renowned playback singer and music director, Sri. R. Vijay Prakash. The festival aimed to celebrate talent, culture, and creativity in a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Cultural Extravaganza:

Yuva Bimba offered a platform for participants to showcase their talents in music, dance, theatre, fine arts, and literary events. It was not just a competition but a cultural celebration where students could connect, compete, and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Highlights of Performances from Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence:


  • Classical Vocal (Hindustani or Karnataka) by Jeevan Sai  

  • Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion - Vadya) by Kishor  

  • Classical Instrumental Solo (Non-Percussion – Swar Vadya) by Ashwin  

  • Light Vocal (Indian) by Abhay Sai

  • Western Vocal (Solo) by Sai Adithya  

  • Group Song (Indian) by a team of talented undergraduates: Abhay Sai, Rahul, Sai Adithya, Om Sai, Jeevan Sai, Anand Sai

Folk Orchestra:

  • Various traditional instruments showcased in a captivating performance: 

Harish, Kushal, Sanjay, Manu, Sai Tharun, Darshan, Shashank, Chinmay, Sai Kumar

Western Instrumental (Solo):

  • Outstanding performance by Sai Shankar

Fine Arts:

  • On the Spot Painting (Kaveri), Poster Making (Chinmay), Cartooning (Kaveri), Rangoli (Manasa), Spot Photography (Shashank), and Mehendi (Sushmita) competitions displayed artistic brilliance.


  • Folk / Tribal Dance by a group of talented dancers: Jyotsna, Triveni, Deepika, Pravalika, Sai Nikhila, Dheemahi, Varshini, Deepika, Bhargavi, Radhika

  • Classical Dance by Sneha

Literary Events:

  • Elocution (Sai Harikesh) and Debate (Sai Harikesh and Sai Adithya) events were eloquently presented by students.


  • Skit performances portrayed creativity and storytelling prowess: Prajna, Sai Nikhila, Sneha, Manya, Dheemahi, Sharanya

Achievements by Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence:

The university excelled in various categories, securing top positions in several events. Notable achievements include 1st Prize in Western Instrumental Solo, 2nd Prize in Classical Vocal Solo, and 3rd Prize in Group Song, 2nd Prize in Classical Dance, 3rd Prize in Elocution.

Additionally, the university secured, 4th Prize in Western Vocal, 4th Prize in Folk Orchestra, 5th Prize in Folk Dance, 5th Prize in Cultural Procession, and 5th Prize in Rangoli.

National Level Participation:

The university will proudly represent the South-East Zone at the National level, with participants competing in five categories: Western Instrumental Solo, Classical Vocal Solo, Classical Dance (Indian), Elocution and Group Song. The National event is scheduled to take place at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, from March 28th to April 01, 2024.

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