• The inmates of the campus are required to follow a simple lifestyle with neat and clean dressing which should be decent and properly ironed. Only full-length clothing is acceptable in the campus. Sleeveless attire and shorts are not permitted

• Male students are expected to keep clean-shaven face, decent hairstyle and short side burns

• Female students must always have their hair braided. Salwar Kameez and Sarees are the only type of dressing permitted for them


• All are expected to speak in soft and obliging manner. Use of abusive language or even harsh words are to be avoided

• Silence must be maintained all around the campus. Loud talk, shouting or making disturbing noises are to be avoided

• Student groups and group parties are not permitted whatever be the occasion

• There is zero tolerance to violence in any form within the university premises

• A student will be expelled from the University if found having a relationship or affair with anyone, even if it is at a communication level over internet. In this regard, use of social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are not permitted for the students

Vegetarian food:

• Eating non-vegetarian food including eggs is strictly prohibited. Not following this would attract disciplinary action

• Students are to follow this discipline even during the vacations. Parents are expected to remind and encourage them about this discipline by following it themselves

Participation in activities:

• Satsang and social service activities are part of the institution culture, and students are expected to participate in them with full enthusiasm

• Students must follow compulsorily all the activities of the daily schedule provided below with a positive mind-set


• The timings of all the activities must be strictly adhered to. Beyond 10 pm no activities will be permitted

• Substance abuse, consumption of alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco and its related products are strictly prohibited

• Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited

• Students found possessing or watching obscene material either in print or multimedia form will be immediately expelled from the University

• Students found having sexual connections with anyone will be expelled from the University immediately

• Theft or use of somebody else’s property without explicit permission from the owner will attract disciplinary action

• Accessing prohibited areas of offices and other important spaces, confidential or official documents and data without permission, and disseminating or distributing of such information, would be considered as a serious offence to be dealt with strictly. All instructions/ notices displayed on notice boards will be deemed to have been read by all residents and excuses for non-compliance with such instructions and notices will not be accepted. Students are advised to look at the notice board every day to acquaint themselves with the latest information/orders


• Students must keep their rooms and surroundings clean by themselves

• Students must maintain personal hygiene and shouldn’t dry innerwear and wet clothing inside their rooms

Judicious resource usage:

• All the necessary things would be provided in the hostel and shouldn’t be brought from home. Gifts and other articles such as expensive watch, clothing, jewellery, gadgets or books must not be accepted, even from the parents or relatives, without Warden’s permission

• Students cannot order items online either by themselves or through anybody else without permission from the Warden

• While leaving any room, students must take care to see that the fans and lights are switched off. Every effort must be made to economise the use of electricity

• Water taps must be turned off after use and water resources must be used conservatively

Housing Guidelines
HOUSING GUIDELINES• Stay in the University Hostel is mandatory...
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