• Stay in the University Hostel is mandatory for all the students as part of Gurukula (Residential) Education

• No student should stay away from his or her room during the night times without the prior permission of the Warden

• Any student who wishes to leave the campus temporarily or otherwise, must obtain permission from the Warden

• Students are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by others

• Visitors and non-residents, including parents, are permitted to enter only up to the hostel visitor’s lounge. They must leave the hostel premises after the specified visiting hours

• Pets of any kind are not permitted inside the hostel

• Students are advised not to keep cash or valuables with them in the room. If in possession, they must be deposited to the Warden. The student will be responsible for the safety of his/her belongings inside the room

• Cooking is not permitted in the hostel rooms

• Silence must be maintained during ‘Study Hours’, which are meant only for study activity. Study hours will be observed on all days

• Authorities can remove a resident from the hostel at any time on the disciplinary grounds in which case the student may be required to vacate his/her room at short notice. Similarly, students may be required to shift to alternate accommodations at short notice on account of administrative reasons

• The electric points provided in the hostel rooms are to be used for connecting table lamps. Use of any other domestic electric appliance is not permitted

Use of Electronic Gadgets:

• No televisions are permitted in the hostel rooms. Students are to watch TV provided in the common room only at specified times after due permission from the Warden

• Students are not permitted to keep personal mobile phones. When in the hostel they must deposit their personal phones to the Warden and collect them back before going for vacation. Non-compliance to this will attract strict disciplinary action

• Common phones available with the Warden are alone to be used for communicating with the parents once in a week for a specified duration

• Electronic items such as MP3 players, MP4 players, iPods, pendrives, harddisks, etc., are to be used and kept in one’s possession only with the permission of the Warden. If not permitted, the items must be deposited to the Warden

• Laptops provided by the institution alone, and no other, are permitted to be used by the students

• Internet usage is available only at designated computer systems and are to be used during specified times of the day

Fire Hazards and Safety:

Candles and incense are a fire hazard and are not permitted in the hostels

Combustible materials such as gasoline, paint thinner and oil lamps are not permitted in the hostels

Burning/bursting of crackers, carrying of crackers to the rooms and lighting of lamps/candles are banned strictly in and around the Hostel premises throughout the year

Residents must switch off all lights and fans, and electrical appliances including mosquito repellent machines if any before leaving their rooms. This is necessary to avoid an inadvertent fire

Festivals & Celebrations

A brief introduction to the Festivals and Celebrations happening at SSSUHE.

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