The Solutions We Proffer

unique bottom

A Unique Bottom up Approach

The problems that plague the society today cannot be remedied through laws and regulations, as this top down approach has consistently failed against the test of times. Therefore, Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence provides a unique bottom up solution that lies in individual transformation. Transformational knowledge rather than merely informational is vouchsafed to students


Introducing Educare

Educare and not merely education is the motto of Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence. Educare in latin, means to draw out the values which are inherent in students to make them whole.

However learned one is in worldly knowledge, unless one’s mind is cultured, the learning is mere junk. The University offers the most fruitful education by teaching culture that permeates and purifies the learning that is gathered.

Pinning down

Pinning Down the Crux of Education

What the world needs today is neither a new order, a new society nor a new education. The remedy lies in a mind and in a heart filled with goodness. It is only when the individual succeeds in being good that the world too can become good.

Hence, the purpose of education should not revolve around the acquisition of a pre-determined set of skills, but rather the realisation of one’s full potential and the ability to use those skills for the greater good.

Alterity to Unity

A shift from Alterity to Unity

Education of the self is true education, declares the Indian scriptures. Physical charm and force can never overpower the charm or force of the spirit. One has to shine in the beauty of the spirit by overcoming ego, selfishness and pride so that one may attain Fullness – the inescapable destiny of every living being. Education is, in reality, meant to experience the Truth – the oneness of all creation.