The Problems We Address

money market

Extinguishing the Blaze of the Money Market

The trend of commercialisation of education denies the right to good education for majority of children in India and limits the worthiness of true education. Pursuit of ‘riches’ is believed to be the right path in the vocabulary of today’s education. Every activity has the acquisition of riches as the goal and there is no ideal more desirable than getting rich. Education and knowledge gained are being marketed for money. This has resulted in irredeemable damage to the social and economic structure of the society. Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence provides quality education completely free of cost


Counterbalancing the Imbalance

The world is materially rich and morally poor. Today, the educational system, though very expensive and elaborate, has ignored instruction in morals. Conceit and pride are taken as adding charm to the knowledge acquired. Focusing on the intellectual aspect of human personality and neglecting the spirit creates a lopsided personality. SSSUHE offers a system of education which proves its true character by manifesting as a spring of morality, laying down axioms of virtues that assist in the cultivation of the spirit.

frantic delirium

From the Frantic Delirium back to the Halcyon Days

The world seems to be racing towards a ‘knowledge society’ that promotes gratification over gratitude. Without doubt, this has bettered the economic and societal conditions in several countries and standards of living have enhanced, albeit at varying levels with an ever widening gulf between the haves and have nots. Being able to carry out specific tasks in a specified manner has become the centre of all educational endeavour, with creativity and critical thinking taking a backseat, let alone any emotional and spiritual development. This has created a sustained hang-up of spiritual and moral bankruptcy in the intellectuals and educated. SSSUHE bestows an idyllic environment to students that promotes outer activity and liveliness and inner tranquillity and placidness.


Clarifying the Goal

At present we have mere book learning. The focus placed by teachers is on completing the syllabus. A fear-driven competition is rampant among students. However, the University encourages the confirmation and correction of the learning acquired from books, by practising it in social living and transmuting learning into wisdom. World peace and prosperity is placed as the goal of every student.


Resuscitating Spirituality

Teaching spiritual values is believed to be unscientific or irrational in the current day educational scenario. Spirituality as the unifying feature of all religions is not taught to students. This has led to religious riots and pandemonium across communities.  On this account, the University has synthesised all religions to discover their fundamental unity and evolved a syllabus to teach universally accepted spiritual and moral values with reverence for the spiritual luminaries of all religions.